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Joel Chasnoff
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American-Israeli Author, Stand-up Comedian, Former IDF Soldier
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Joel Chasnoff is a true Comedian Scholar.

Onstage, he’s performed his unique brand of clever, pro-Israel stand-up comedy for more than 1,000 Jewish communities in ten countries. Highlights include the Melbourne (Australia) Comedy Festival, Montreal Just-For-Laughs, multiple performances at Limmud in the UK, and Israeli late-night TV. 

Joel is also the author of three books about or related to Israel, including the recently released Israel 201 (see www.Israel201.com); the bestselling memoir The 188 the Crybaby Brigade about his experience as a Lone Soldier in the Israeli army; and the New York Times-lauded cookbook Balaboosta with Israeli chef Einat Admony.

A Chicago native, Joel moved to Israel after college and volunteered for a combat unit in the IDF. He served as a tank gunner in the Golan Heights and South Lebanon, where he took part in operations against Hezbollah.

In Israel 201, Joel and his co-author Benji Lovitt pull back the curtain to unveil a more complete and comprehensive portrait of Israel that extends beyond the typical Israel narrative. In the words of former prime minister Ehud Barak, whose effusive blurb appears on the back cover: “This wonderful book will show you the Israel you didn’t know you didn’t know.”  

The book has received advanced praise from some of the biggest names in the Jewish world, including a front- and back-cover blurbs from Mayim Bialik, Yossi Klein Halevi, and David Broza.

Joel currently lives in Ra’anana, Israel, with his Israeli wife and their four kids.
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